Monday, May 11, 2015

The Birth of a Mother

     Somewhere early in the year 1978 my Mom started praying a very specific prayer.  You see, she had just found out that her first born was due that summer.  Now you would expect this very specific prayer to be for her son – that God would make him strong, healthy, wise, successful…but you would be wrong.  While her prayer involved him, it was not specifically for him. 
     Assuming this boy would be at least somewhat like his Father she knew it was going to take a very special woman to take on the task of being his best friend, support, and voice of reason…his wife.  A very special and much prayed up woman.  She knew God had His work cut out for Him so she began to pray, diligently.  His future wife’s parents had no idea that a mother a thousand miles away was praying for their daughter.  In fact, they had no idea that they would have a daughter.  It would be another five years before God would bring them into his plan by providing them with a beautiful baby girl.
    On Wednesday, May 11, 1983, God initiated the first stage of his answer to my Mom’s prayers.  An exhausted mother looked down at that curly-headed smile for the first time and felt a love that nearly two decades later she would share with me.  I would take her daughter’s hand, her daughter would take my name, and we would take each other’s hearts.
     Now, thirty-two years later, Amber Lynn Solomon Gregory is a loving wife and mother to three boys that are enough like her husband that she is already diligently praying for their future wives. 
     No doubt the woman Amber is today can be attributed to the love of two mothers.  One that prayed for her without knowing her and one that dedicated her life to raising her and filling her with love.  Brenda Gregory and Wanda Solomon, you are both warriors and I thank you for helping my Amber becoming the woman God knew I needed.  Happy Mother’s Day.
    Amber, thank you for loving your Mom and your God.  Thank you for taking their guidance.  Thank you for not arguing with God when he told you I would be your husband.
    With each year that we conquer together our love grows stronger, your wisdom and support for me grows deeper, and your beauty grows exponentially.  You are a remarkable woman.  Happy Birthday.