Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Quiet Moments

Ah, the house is quiet. The wife is out. The grill cheese is sizzling. The…wait, the house is quiet? The house shouldn’t be quiet. Where’s Caleb?
What was that? It was too faint; I can’t place where it came from.
There it is again. Where is that boy?
He’s not in the cat box…thankfully…
Not in his room, not in the bathroom, not in the closet…where is he?
That sure sounded like it was coming from his bedroom. “Caleb, where are you?”
“Are you hiding in your fort? What are you doing in there? Whatcha doing with that crayon? Oh….”
“We don’t eat crayons, son.”
Munch, munch, “Yuck.”
“Well stop eating it. Come on, Daddy’s grilled cheese is burning.”