Friday, August 10, 2007

My Life's Checklist

As of today, I’ve had 29 years to make my mark on this world. My younger brother was gracious enough to send me a condensed list of the more important items I’ve accomplished.

Here's his email:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Thought I‘d drop you a line on your B-DAY so you don’t feel sorry for yourself for being so old. You are only 1 year away from 30! OUCH! But hey… at least you have checked a few boxes along the way:
1.) Marry a hot chick – CHECK!
2.) Get a house near the beach – CHECK!
3.) Pop out a cool kid – CHECK!
4.) Kill a nice Buck with your bow – CHECK!
5.) Get a nice buck mounted – CHECK!
6.) Stay married to hot chick – CHECK!
7.) Buy an AWESOME rifle – CHECK!
8.) Stay married to hot chick – CHECK!
9.) Pop another kid in the ole oven – CHECK!
10.) Live to see 30… hmmmm. Good luck!

Attached are pictures of my life’s great accomplishments as stated so eloquently by my little brother. Cool kid, hot chick and nice buck.