Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Vertical and Mobile

Approximately 20 months ago I began work on a project that upon completion would completely change the life of myself, my family and quite possibly the entire world. It took nine long, hard working months to develop...actually after the first few minutes of hard work my wife did pretty much all of it while I sat back and watched in amazement.

Upon completion, the effects of this project were greater than I ever expected. Not seconds after its unveiling my dad became a completely different person. The Marine Corps hardened shell cracked revealing a funny face making, squeaky noise making, happy as I’ve ever seen him grandfather. We named the project the Complete Altering of Life’s Enjoyment Being (CALEB).

Up until now these effects have been limited to family and the general area in which we last set Caleb down. But five days ago, Caleb took matters into his own hands. No longer would he depend on hand and knee mobilization. Caleb is now vertical and mobile.

No pet is couch left unclimbed...look out world, it’s time to change.